DigitalTech International is a technological start-up based in Milan with offices in Singapore and Malaysia founded to leverage the experience of the Italian innovative telematics cluster and design a new generation of disruptive digital solutions.


Neosurance is the next Generation Virtual Insurance Agent for Insurance Disruptors and Reinsurers that want to sell Contextual Insurances.

InsurTechNews is a complete online destination for Insurers, Distributors, Tech Players, Investors and all Insurance Stakeholders.

Housefront is a technological solution to be bundled with home insurance policies based on breakthrough hardware and software.

Healthfront is an integrated eco-system for health insurers based on a comprehensive array of high-value and disruptive healthcare and wellness services.

Consiglio dal Medico is the smartphone App created to provide remote health-advice from a network of Italian medical doctors 24/7.

Consiglio dal Veterinario is the smartphone App which allows users to ask questions related to their pet’s health to a network of Italian veterinarians.

Our Articles

Can Malaysia catch up in the InsurTech race?

By Luciano Pezzotta September 01, 2017

he first known insurance contract dates back to as early as 1347 when a ship was insured in Genoa for its voyage. Insurance may have been around for seven centuries but the business has changed very little. Even though we are now able to insure everything from our cars, homes, health to mobile phones, there have been only minor leaps in the adoption of technology across the insurance value chain.

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InsurTech Is a Storm Hitting the Old-fashioned Insurance Industry

By Andrea Silvello February 07, 2017

Customer centricity and mobile engagement: after Tourism and Retail the next big wave of innovation to disrupt the Insurance Industry?
The individual customer has to be at the centre of the marketing strategy of every company who wants to succeed. Customer-centric marketing approach starts from the realization that there is no “average” customer.

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Insurance is changing and the InsurTech wave is moving fast, so “follow the customer’s needs and sell the right policy at the right time!”

By Andrea Silvello January 17, 2017

Insurance is finally changing. It cannot but do so in order to stay competitive in a technology-driven world where customers have ever increasing expectations regarding service delivery, with a clear tendency towards…

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The CPs (Conditions Precedent) of an InsurTech start-up to succeed in the evolving insurance landscape

By Andrea Silvello January 01, 2017

For a lawyer “CPs” is a common acronym used in commercial contracts to identify the “Conditions Precedent” to be fulfilled to consider a contract totally executed. Comparing this legal jargon to the “Tech Era” for us CPs are the “must have” of every start-up to succeed in the Insurance…

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Forget smartphones, here is how IoT can make your home smarter

By Andrea Silvello and Celia Clinciu December 08, 2016

Our lives are starting to be ruled by devices – devices, that are connected to each other and also, the internet. At this juncture, we’re standing at the beginning of a journey which will be shaped by technology, interconnectivity, privacy and security implications of the Internet of Things (IoT). In this context, Connected insurance is…

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Healthfront: a killer application for connected health insurance

By Luciano Pezzotta November 10, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating enormous opportunities that insurers can leverage to provide a better customer experience while simultaneously improving their profitability. In particular, insurers have a tremendous chance to upgrade their role in the health segment from a simple “payer” to an active “player” in the overall…

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