Whereas, the Website www.digitaltech-international.com is owned by the company Digital Tech S.r.l., with registered office in Milan (MI), Pattari Gallery 2 (Piazza Duomo), Tax Code/VAT No. 08363100960, registered with the Register of Enterprises of Milan No. 2020670. (hereinafter, “Company”).


Subject Matter

The website is aimed at offering an information web portal (hereinafter, the “Portal”) providing to the user solutions and know how in the digital domain, allowing him or her to access, through hyper textual links, other websites containing projects developed by Company (hereinafter, “Projects”). Such websites offer and provide services, information, data, and news (hereinafter, “Contents”). The nature of the Portal is commercial, technical, informational, and educational.


Access and Use of the Portal
The person accessing and using the Portal is granted with the status of user (hereinafter, “User”).
In order to access the Portal, the User shall read and acknowledge the following terms of use (hereinafter “Terms of Use”).
Such Terms of Use govern the use of the Portal and the Contents.
Access to the Portal implies knowledge and full acceptance of the Terms of Use.
Should the User fail to accept the Terms of Use, the User may not access and use the Portal.
The access and the use of specific Contents and/or sections of the Portal (included the use of specific services) could be subject to separated and additional conditions, having contractual value, which the User shall read and accept in specific sections of the Portal. As applicable, these conditions may replace, modify and/or integrate the current Terms of Use.
The Company reserves the right to change, suspend, remove, or disable the access and the use of the Portal or its Content, without prior notice.
In the event of a breach by the User of the legal provisions and/or the provisions contained in the Terms of Use, the Company reserves the right to deny the access to the Portal to the User responsible for infringements, without prejudice to the right to bring legal actions before the competent Courts for protecting its rights and claiming compensation for damages, if any.


Use of Contents and Registration to the Portal
In order to consult the Contents of the Portal, the User is not required to register to the Portal or to provide any Personal Data.
The User may exclusively fill in the form under the heading “Contacts” to request information of any kind (commercial, educational, and promotional information concerning the Contents of the Portal, the Projects, and the Company), by providing the Company with his/her name, surname, and e-mail address (hereinafter, the “Personal Data”).
In case of registration to the Portal, the User shall provide his/her Personal Data and guarantee that they are true, correct, and updated. The User shall undertake all responsibilities concerning the Personal Data. In the case of any variations of the Personal Data, the User shall inform promptly the Company thereof.



The Contents of the Portal can be enjoyed by the User for free.
The User may use the Portal and the Contents thereof at his/her own risk and under his/her own responsibility.
The User shall use the Portal and the Contents thereof pursuant with the Law, the standards of public decency, the rules of public order, and the Terms of Use. The User may not engage in any actions that breach the rights of the Company or any third party, including the intellectual or industrial property rights, nor may he/she use the Content of the Portal for unlawful activities or purposes.
The User may not engage in any kind of reproduction, modification, duplication, copying, distribution, and sale, and in any other kind of lawful use of the Portal and the contents thereof.
The Contents of the Portal are merely for information and educational purposes, unless otherwise specifically provided for; they cannot be considered as a contractual proposal, or as an offer to the public of the products or services described in the Portal, pursuant to Section 1336 of the Italian Civil Code. The Contents of the Portal may not be considered as binding for any negotiation or business relationship.
The Company devotes the utmost care in maintaining the Portal, and guarantees the reliability and correctness of the Contents thereof. However, the Company shall not be liable for, nor does it undertake any explicit or implied responsibility for the exactness, accuracy, completeness, or current nature of the Contents of the Portal or the contents on any website linked thereto. Consequently, the Company declines any liability for errors or omissions that are not under its control, or for any User’s reliance on the Contents.
The Portal cannot be considered to be legal, financial, or tax recommendation or advice, nor can it be considered as an offer for issuing, subscribing, or purchasing shares, shareholdings, or other financial instruments for acquiring shareholding in the investments mentioned in the Contents.
The Portal is not an offer of investment services or an opinion on the suitability of types of investments.
The Portal is not a newspaper and for this reason it may not be subject to the obligations under article 5 of Law n. 47 of 1948. The Portal is not periodic and it is not regularly updated. It is updated only whenever the Company considers the updating thereof as necessary or adequate, at the discretion of the Company, or depending on the availability of the Contents and the information.


Links to other Internet Resources

The Portal contains hyper textual links to other websites or other resources of the internet that are managed by third parties. The Company may not be held to be liable for the functioning, updating, truth, and completeness of the contents of such linked websites and resources.
Unless otherwise provided for, the contents, the services, and the products mentioned by the links may not be considered to be sponsored, shared, or supported by the Company, in any fashion whatsoever. Therefore, the User is fully responsible for the use of and the purchases made (if any) on such websites. The User, under his own responsibility, shall comply with the terms of use set out on such websites.


Intellectual and industrial property rights

The trademarks, the logos, and any other distinguishing feature existing on the Portal are exclusively owned by the Company or third parties, and may not be used for advertisement, commercial, entrepreneurial, or professional purposes without the prior written consent of the owners.
The User explicitly acknowledges that all the intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademarks, logos, know how, codes, software, hardware, applicative projects, patents, trade secrets, formulas, databases, photographic images, documents, and contents of the Portal, are exclusively owned by the Company or third parties, and are protected by the Italian and international laws on the protection of the Intellectual and industrial property rights.
The Company implements specific measures aimed at excluding the presence of computer viruses on the webpages and/or the files accessible through the Portal. In any case, the Company recommends using effective and updated antivirus software before downloading any information from the Portal.
The User agrees and acknowledges that any information or material that he or she provides to the Company via e-mail or any other means of communication may not be considered to be confidential. Moreover, in such cases the User agrees to assign and transfer fully and for free to the Company all the intellectual property rights relative to such information and material. Therefore, the Company has the right to use, reproduce, broadcast, distribute, modify, and license such information and material, and may use all the ideas, concepts, know-how, and technical information contained in such information and materials for any purpose whatsoever.


Governing law and jurisdiction

Any dispute arising from the interpretation, performance, and termination of the Terms of Use shall be judged pursuant to the Italian Laws and shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.


Information concerning the Personal Data Processing
This information is provided to the User inasmuch as an individual protected by art. 13 of the Personal Data Protection Act (Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003).

  • Data controller: The Data Controller is Digital Tech s.r.l., represented by its legal representative pro tempore (hereinafter, the “Data Controller”). Any communication shall be sent via e-mail to: info@digitaltech-international.com or via regular mail or fax to the office of the company at 2 Galleria Pattari, Milan.
  • Data voluntarily disclosed by the User: The nonobligatory, explicit, and voluntary disclosure of personal data and information by the User shall result in the further acquisition thereof by the Data Controller.
  • Privacy and data processing. The Data Controller declares and guarantees that the Personal Data provided by the User shall be processed according to the strictest confidentiality and protection criteria, solely for allowing the distribution of the Newsletter and/or other informative or promotional material. To this purpose, the Data Controller declares and guarantees that any data and information provided by the User shall be processed pursuant to the highest protection standards provided for by the Law, fully acknowledging the criminal and civil consequences that may result from the unauthorized disclosure of such personal data and information. The Personal Data may be processed by the Data Controller manually, on paper, or electronically. Specific security measures shall be complied with by the Data Controller in order to prevent the loss of data, unlawful or incorrect uses, and unauthorized accesses. All the data shall be kept and processed by the Data Controller in full compliance with the regulations in force (and, therefore, the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency, and protection of the confidentiality and the rights) and pursuant with criteria strictly related to the purposes indicated herein.
  • Purposes of the Processing: The Personal Data shall be processed for the following purposes: to allow the User to receive the Newsletter, through which he or she can be informed of events that can be also promotional, and may receive information, also including commercial or promotional information, such as advertisement material and/or offers of goods and services.
    The Company can reserve the right to use the Personal Data for performing statistical market research.
    The data may be disclosed by the Company (which shall communicate only the data necessary for pursuing the purposes set out in the information document) to public bodies, judicial bodies, carriers, forwarding agents, mail offices, lawyers, legal consultants, public notaries for the purposes indicated herein.
  • Users’ Rights: The Personal Data provided by the User shall be collected and used pursuant to the Legislative Decree 196/2003. The individuals concerned by the Personal Data have the right, at any time: to obtain the confirmation that such data exist or not; to know the content and the source thereof; to be informed of the source of such data, and the criteria used in and the purposes of the processing thereof; to assess the exactness thereof; or to request the integration, the updating, or the correction thereof (art. 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003). Pursuant to the aforementioned article of law, the User may request that the data processed in breach of the legal provisions are cancelled, anonymized, or blocked, and may oppose the processing thereof in any case for legitimate reasons. Requests shall be sent to the following e-mail address: info@digitaltech-international.com
  • Consequences of failure to disclose Personal Data. The disclosure of Personal Data for the aforementioned purposes is necessary and essential for receiving the Newsletter.